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Leather Sunglasses Case

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I’ve always been crafty. Crafts are my thing, much more then food. I started my own jewelry business before I even knew how to boil an egg so it made perfect sense to expand this blog from food blog to lifestyle blog and add more posts about my 2 other main passions: crafts and travel.

Actually I really don’t understand why I haven’t thought about it earlier. I really don’t know.

So I hope you’ll be able to find more things of your interest from now on on this blog and I look forward to hear your comments! Plus, I’m not sure if I should change the blog name, any ideas?


Leather Sunglassed Case

I often buy fabric to sew new clothes or, as in this case, reupholster my furniture. This time was for the kitchen chairs. And as usual I find myself buying way more things than planned. So a need for 15 euro worth of fabrics becomes a 50 euro order.

Part of this order were 2 bags of leather scraps for 10 euros. What to do with it? No idea! What I loved the idea of getting a bag of “surprise” colors and shapes, it excited me!

So here’s what I got:

A bunch of brown, blush pink, gray, black and red. I was surprised to find fairly big pieces and a lot of the same type of leather/colors which is really useful to make bigger pieces like the shoulder bag I made (I’ll make a post about it soon) so it doesn’t look too scrappy.

It took me a lot of thinking to find a way to use most of it (I still have a lot of it left to make some jewelry) and knowing me, I wanted to use as much as possible to throw away as less as possible.

One of the thing that I absolutely wanted to make was a sunglasses case. I hated my previous one as it was too heavy and bulky, so I wanted something more soft and compact. Here’s my simple and useful creation:

How I made it:

I first chose the colors and textures that would go better together and then did some Tetris to match the shapes I had, just trimmering the edges and making straight lines. To sew it together I used medium thickness leather needles for my sewing machine and a thick polyester thread.

To get the correct measurements I used the sunglasses as reference and then cut off the excess.

The leather is really soft inside so it doesn’t need any lining, the glasses are well protected. 

Sunglasses case

This is more an inspirational post than a “How to” post as I didn’t take proper measurements or step-by-step photos. But I hope you like the result and inspired you to make one of your own. 🙂

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