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This is not my first blog, not even the second.

I’ve had many hobbies, many transactions, some goals that I’ve never reached and some that I’m still trying to reach.
I’m a 25 years old italian girl (so forgive the grammar mistakes). I recently moved to the Netherlands to follow my boyfriend’s studies.
I’m now stuck in a menial job and in a continuous research of a real purpose for my life.

The real issue is that I don’t really know what I want.

I had many hobbies which I could transform into a job but I keep changing my mind; after a few months I get tired and I want to try something new.

The only thing that is constant in my life is the love for food.

So that’s why I decided to go back to food-blogging; after the flop of my italian blog I decided to make an english blog just go be more international and see what happens next.

I don’t have the pretense for this to be the crucial turning point, I don’t think I can make a living out of a blog but for the moment I just want to focus on what I like and let the menial job take care of the money for now.

I only hope you like what I cook so we can share a little part of happiness.

Jess ♥

Jessica - Cooking my Dreams

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I'm an Italian girl recently immigrated to the Netherlands with a true passion for food. I love traditional and simple Italian recipes but once in a while I enjoy experiment new ingredients and foreign flavors. This blog is my perfect escape to find happiness in the only place it could be found: THE KITCHEN!

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