About Me



My name is Jessica Montanelli, I was born and raised in the medieval town of Siena (Tuscany, Italy). Although I was mostly raised in the countryside, about 15 km away from the town, in a super-small village surrounded 360° by hills and fields.


As a teenager I always dreamt of living in the United States, dazzled by the many TV shows I was watching in which life seemed to be perfect and happy. At 18 I decided to realize (in part) this dream, so I started searching for Italo-Americans bloggers and contact them to know if they could help me get there. Where? Los Angeles of course.

During the flight back from LA to Rome, I watched a movie that subconsciously changed my life: Julie&Julia. I didn’t know much about cooking even though I was always watching my mom, but after this movie, I started cooking more. And more importantly, I started appreciating food on a different level. My mom got me “The way to Cook” or Julia Child that Christmas and I started from there.

In 2013 I met my boyfriend and at the end of the year, I moved with him (and my cat Pinkie) to The Netherlands to follow his studies. I found a normal day job in an office that continues to this day.

I kept cooking and my recipe books kept increasing, so in 2014 I decided to open a food blog (as an escape from the menial day job), and I promised to myself I would not give up; I had to persevere if I really wanted it to be my future career.


  • Cheese, lots of cheese. There’s no need to add anything else here.
  • Pasta. Especially if handmade, a good dish of pasta is good for the soul. Pasta is almost sacred to me.
  • The smell of summer breeze. As soon as the temperature raises, I love the smell of the air, especially in the morning and after dark.
  • The sound of walking on fine gravel. I know it may be weird but I really love this sound, it relaxes me.
  • Seeing new places. I love to travel and especially go to Countries I’ve never been to before.
  • Walking in nature. There’s nothing better than taking a long walk in the countryside. I mostly like the sunny winter days (if it’s not too cold).


  • Truffles. I hear they are delicious but unfortunately, the smell gives me nausea so it’s a no-no for me.
  • Living in the city.  I know it’s practical but I need my daily dose of nature full immersion to survive.
  • Monotony. Doing the same thing over and over really brings me down. I need change, I need challenges. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with my head.
  • Crowds. I don’t mind it if people stand still or sit around but I hate walking in a crowd or being cramped in a small space with too many people. Ugh.