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Printable Watercolor Valentine’s Day Cards

February 7, 2020 (Last Updated: February 7, 2021)

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Nothing shows more love than handmade Valentine’s Day cards. Printing a copy of a handmade card is the next best thing. 😀

Since I learned painting with watercolors, one of the things I enjoy more making is greeting cards. Watercolors are great because they are fast. You cannot go back and edit and re-edit like oil paintings. Once the brush touches the paper, that’s it. This makes watercolors quite challenging, but it also gives them a fascinating look. The less perfect it looks, the nicer it is. And you can frame them or turn them into cards to give to your loved ones.

Not everybody enjoys painting though, so, as a Valentine gift to you, I scanned my favorite ones and made them into free printable and foldable Valentine’s Day Cards. I hope you’ll gift these unique valentine cards to your partner and maybe keep one for yourself. Happy Valentine!

5 different printable valentine's day cards

How to make the DIY cards

  1. Download the PDF file from the list below. Print it in high photo quality on standard A4 paper (or use a thicker paper if you want, keeping in mind that once folded it will be double thick).
  2. Fold the paper in half along the shortest side, keeping the images on the outside.
  3. Fold again the paper in half along the short side, keeping the written message inside.
  4. Use paper glue or double-sided tape to stick the inside pages (where there is no print).
how to fold a printed valentine card

Download the Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Click on “Download Now” below the cover image to download the PDF file with the printable card.

bunch of flowers and hearts in pink and purples

Heart Flowers Card

lots of small hearts in a rainbow

Hearts Rainbow Card

pink yellow watercolor with writing Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Card

watercolor big hearts with written Love You

Love You Card

Rainbow background with couple in love black silhouette

Rainbow Couple Silhouette Card

hand holding an example of printable card

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