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Printable New Year’s Bucket List

December 22, 2019 (Last Updated: January 8, 2021)

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The best way to start the new year right is to set up goals, resolutions and bucket lists to look forward on the year to come! Enjoy these free printable New Year’s bucket list: print it out for all your friends and family and have fun filling them out together while you wait for the countdown! 3…2…1…

Raise your hand if you ever made new year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve! Yep, almost everybody does! Then, if you keep them or not throughout the year is a different story.

But I think the best way to close off a bad or disappointing year is to think of what you want to improve and set up your goal to do it. Even if your year was good, why not strive for an even better year? We can always improve, the important thing is to be aware and motivated to do it!

Another important factor in goal setting is the accountability. If you have friends and family around that know your goals, it will motivate you even more to keep them and realize them. You may even make a pact with your best friend or sibling to check on each other’s bucket list throughout the year to check on the progress you’ve made and motivate each other to do more.

writing on the bucket list

How does the printable bucket list work?

You can download your New Year’s bucket list using the link below in either JPEG or PDF (whatever works best for you).

Print out in A4 standard paper as many copies as you want and distribute them amongst your friends and family while you wait for the New Year’s countdown.

Write the year on top of the page (the year to come) and then fill out your bucket list with all the things you want to do, try and accomplish in the next 12 months to come!

Tick off each goal as soon as you complete it! Hang this paper somewhere you can see it everyday, like your fridge or above your desk, to keep you motivated and remind yourself of your goals.

writing on the bucket list


Click below link to download the PDF version.

Click below link to download the JPEG version.

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